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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 29, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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and thanks for your service. rachel: great panel. two segments. steve: and the way they explained it, you know, if the five of them were elected to congress, that's the majority. brian: right. steve: republicans would have the majority. brian: values and integrity, that's the foundation. rachel: yep. and they're a team. we're not individuals, we're a seal team. brian: and this team will be back tomorrow. steve: see you friday.
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>> mandatory vaccine for millions of workers and unions are pushing back. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. good morning to you. if you got your stack of stuff and i've got mine. >> dana: i have a stack of stuff, i have thoughts and opinions. >> bill: if you have any theories? >> dana: i haven't even told you at the show is, "america's newsroom." are you ready for this? >> bill: ready. >> dana: new federal guidance urging americans to wear masks and doors prompting no end of criticism and confusion. in the report claims the cdc partially based that decision on a controversial study that was rejected by a peer review. >> bill: it's a figure that one out. we will check and in a moment, william la jeunesse is live in l.a. today. good morning to you as would begin. >> right or wrong or vaccinated or not, the mouse is coming back but nationwide this will be confusing. some states and employers are in and others are not. if you will see that patchwork of rules for which biden support is often ridiculed president trump so this all starts is the cdc issued new guidance that everyone vaccinated or not should wear masks indoors in areas of high transmission meaning back to the tiered system, red, orange and yellow. california fell in line and
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recommends universal masking indoors. l.a. health officials say that yesterday that 25% of new cases come from fully vaccinated individuals. governor newsom is ignoring that science and blamed the on vaccinated for driving up cases making the issue almost entirely political. >> we are exhausted by the ron johnson's and tucker carlson's, we are exhausted by the marjorie taylor greene's, by the right-wing echo chamber which has been perpetuating this information on the vaccine and its efficacy and safety. >> so this is confusing. nevada has now brought back the state of mask mandate as did atlanta. apple is going to require masks and half of its stores, disney theme parks say yes if you are indoors. dhs is imposing a mask mandate for all employees and if you think this is crazy, wait until school starts. there are so little signs
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backing that up, the problem is the controversy is beginning and its emblematic. in san diego parents are protesting. >> we don't need to be quarantined and our kids every time they come down the symptoms of a cold. and we don't need to be telling them that they have to wear a mask when they have no symptoms and they are not sick. >> so of course this changing guidance undermines confidence in the administration and the ability to get control of the delta variant bill. singapore's ministry of health fully are personally vaccinated albeit with mild symptoms but the bottom line is the mask debate is not going away. >> dana: peter doocy is live at the white house where they had a lot on their plate. >> dena, i've spoken with some officials around here who insist the president is not calling for
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a mask mandate because millions of federal workers around here would have a second choice. >> no decision has been finalized and i would say that the attestation of vaccination for federal employees is one option under strong consideration. so attestation, or what we by that is confirming, confirming vaccination status or abiding by stringent covid-19 protocol like mandatory mask wearing, even the community is not with high or a substantial spread and regular testing. >> the administration still has not explained what scientific study or new data emerged to change the messaging from that or masks. we have the upper hand on the virus. number two, vaccinated folks must wear masks in certain situations. this administration insist the cdc as their northstar for things like this puts a mark accusing the cdc of standing on shaky ground in making this decision that affects millions.
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>> this was based on a cdc study that is not reported. we now find of the studies from india based upon the vaccine that is not america and did not pass peer review. so what we are telling america today is something, what i believe is politics. >> it's confusing to understand how this guidance is being applied and where. yesterday at the white house where masks are required inside, the president had no mask on in the morning but then had a mask on in the afternoon. fears of a very contagious delta variant did not stop him from glad-handing with hundreds if not thousands of mask lists factory workers indoors. >> dana: may be because he's vaccinated. >> bill: i need a flow chart. cdc recommending americans in high transmission areas to go back to wearing a mask inside regardless of your vaccination
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status. so that guidance regardless of the state of missouri or the case is on the rise, good morning. are you going with the new mandate for your people? >> we never have done a mandate in this state and people know the situation we are in and we trust people to do the right things. i think it's important that we remember this vaccine has only been available to the general public, at any kind of volume for four or five months. we knew there would be a hesitation across the country and we are seeing not. but try to encourage people to get the vaccine is the right thing to do. trying to force mask mandate and trying to shut businesses down, the cdc is changing their guidelines and almost two or three weeks, unjustified in my opinion. we are trying to implement that in the people in the president several hours later saying i'm going to mandate all federal employees and more importantly
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all contractors to have a vaccine. no matter what all contractors is, that's problematic, taking a step backwards trying to fight a virus that we are trying to win a battle with. it's unfortunate that we are getting so many mixed messages and people are totally confused especially in our school systems. i think it's important to point out that 85% of kids in the state of missouri went to school in a classroom setting without a vaccine without incident. now we are putting more regulations on our school systems and the general public has had a vaccine so we are headed in the right direction. >> it appears the city of st. louis does have a mandate. and it's confusing too because the city of st. louis and the county of st. louis, the executive director put a mandate in place and the board of alderman come in and declined that order.
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so they are in limbo there and it's frankly totally confusing to the general public. when you have that kind of confusion, people are going to abide by anything. people know the situation we are in, they know when to wear a mask and were not to but you have to separate vaccinated from on vaccinated and i think you have to declare there's a difference between those two people. >> missouri had one shot, 41% vaccinated and at new cases are up about 52% compared to two weeks ago. that's 16 per day, a 45% compared to two weeks ago. what are people trying to do in your state so hospitals don't get overwhelmed which is one of the whole reasons we had mask mandates in the first place? >> right. while we were aware of the situation was coming and we have people now coming into backup
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the health care workers in the state. we have numerous ambulances from other districts to be able to come in from other states, to come in, we have another health care contract and private companies to bring health care workers in here. we are spending about $5 million on a marketing campaign and the incentive type program that we are doing in the state which has almost tripled our vaccine rate. we went from something like five to 6,000 vaccines per day to 20,000 per day. those are the things that move the needle. i encourage everyone in the state and across the nation, talk to a doctor, talk to a health care worker. try to get some of the other clutter out and make a decision for you and your family. i think that's the most important place that people can do to get information. >> bill: that's important advice. the amt president amy weingartner was on tv yesterday, i listened carefully and how she's hoping hoping schools develop at the end of august and september.
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>> the bottom line is, we will keep our kids safe, we will try to move through this political battlefield. >> bill: i need a quick answer. at this whole line about trying to open up schools. what is try all about when there is billions through washington, d.c., et cetera. >> they need to be in school and that's the best place these kids can be. and it's the safest place for them to be. we need to be talking about, we are going to school and not trying to go to school and that's what we are going to do an estate. >> bill: a governor, thank you for your time. it's great to have you. on the school here, mckenzie did a study and u.s. students fell 4-5 months behind during the pandemic. students were testing ten points behind in math, nine in reading,
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today students may earn 49-$61,000 less over their lifetime which is a big setback. >> dana: and the wall street editorial board at basically saying the cost of school shutdowns is probably even more than that. i hope we get more clarity from the teachers union soon. schools in the south, i believe in georgia and south carolina start next monday. >> i thought that governor was very interesting, he speaks with a certain clarity that a lot of the guidance out of d.c. frankly has been muddled and i think we can agree to the cdc. >> not only can we agree with "the new york times" or of the same thing. they have a chance to try to fix it today but i don't know if the president will base the information on one study that was rejected and peer review. >> bill: at fair point. >> bill: we will talk to one lawmaker who is suing over that. >> bill: also, aoc names the divide between progressives and moderates, or the squad member is landing in hot water.
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at what she had to say coming up. >> dana: migrants pouring across our border, some affected with covid and local authorities are not being told they are being sent to their communities? why? we will talk to an officer on the front line. >> it's not fair to their families and certainly not fair to the border communities to leave people that are sick and not even tell the local communitiesne. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality
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♪ put a little love in your heart - david ruffin ♪ my bad, my bad... good race! -you too! you were tough out there... thank you, i'm getting you next time though. oh i got you, i got you. hamblin goes down. d'agostino helps hamblin back up. are you okay? -yeah. >> the biden administration cares more about people who are not residents of america than he does about the residents of america because he has one stat or trying to mask up and vaccinate our fellow americans, but by allowing prepass into the united states of people with a high probability of covid and
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then spreading covert in our communities. >> bill: texas governor wants to ban travel for migrants in his state. he wants to try to force it citing risk of covid spread. all of this happening amid a whistle-blower allegation, and it rich edson is trying to track that story down in la jolla, texas, today. >> more migrants continue, border patrol putting migrants onto a bus right now. just as we are doing that behind me more people are coming from the rio grande river which is just about a mile from here. border patrol so they apprehended more than 20,000 migrants in the real valley section alone last week and that's a trend that officials say is continuing this week. >> they stopped a group of 509 people, one single group. i emphasize, 509 people coming
6:19 am
in and this number is not stopping, with all due respect to the administration, they need to put a pause on this now. >> agent seiko beta is a major problem. charity has rented a hotel right up the road to hoe's covid positive migrants. customs and border protection says that hands out ppe to anyone in its and they say they have also spent weeks traveling together through central america and then cbp says they refer people with symptoms to their local health system. because of all that texas governor greg abbott has issued another executive order to address the surge authorizing texas law enforcement to stop vehicles carrying certain migrants and reroute them to their ports of entry. you have to know that texas law enforcement has no authority to deport any one norton federal immigration law. this if you go across the state
6:20 am
where the emergency intake center is, to the federal government whistle-blower is there so there has been gross mismanagement at that center for unaccompanied migrant children which also includes downplaying covid spread within that facility. >> bill: it rich edson right into that story. the truth is we never really know what the covid protocols have been up for the migrants in the past six months. >> dana: that's another thing to watch out for today. president harris five months ago was giving the assignment of the border. they narrowed it down -- focusing on these triangle countries and that might be fine and good. but we aren't going to deal with the immediate issue and it's not just people coming from those countries, as we've seen. >> bill: two more points, and that has not been the case.
6:21 am
how many times do we go to reporters every morning and say we just saw 150 people will come across a river? that continues by the day. the e.u. has a huge disappointment directed to the biden administration. if you are a brit and you are in london, and you want to come to new york, you can't do that. but if you are from venezuela and you can take a plane to the northern part of mexico and walk right across the border into the u.s. >> dana: the travel thing will change monday between the e.u. and the u.k. and america. yes, apparently. so we will see if that continues. it changes by the day but one thing that doesn't does the immigration problem. and as rich mentioned the police department there in la joya, texas, it's sounding the alarm because migrants who have tested positive for covid i've been released to catholic charity and put into local hotels where nothing is done to prevent the migrants from mixing with the public. joining us now is sergeant men will cost us without la joya,
6:22 am
texas, police. so when these migrants were released to catholic charities, was the catholic charity told that the people were covid positive? >> that's what we have. the information that we have is they were positive for the covid-19 virus and we don't know the extent of or how many there is. but the ones that came across told us themselves that they were positive for covid. >> dana: here's congressman cuellar from your district. >> when border patrol drops folks off gets overloaded and then they dropped them off at a hotel without even telling the local officials that that's not right. they need to tell the local officials especially if they are covid positive. what i'm asking for the biden
6:23 am
administration is to do a pause. >> dana: would you like to see them pause as well? >> that sounds about right to me, i mean that's what we are looking for, transparency and for us to be able to know what's going on. if this is happening, how do we let the community know if we are in the dark about this? if so i believe that's the right thing to do. >> dana: tell me about the impact on your fellow officers? 509 people in one group and this happens in waves all day long. >> that's right. as a matter of fact overnight i spoke to one of the supervisors from the border patrol and they advised me that they had a little over 400 just this morning alone. and this is on a daily basis.
6:24 am
>> dana: how are they processed and how many of them are actually deported? >> i do not have those numbers. they do take them to various -- there's a thing called tender aged on the unaccompanied children, family groups, moms with kids and that dad's. they're processed there at this location right behind me. they do take them further, i don't know what else they do because they do carry around that form that says that they've been booked and processed and obviously that's being done somewhere else. >> dana: the vice president today is dealing with her plan of what she says of the root causes for triangle countries south of the border. what would you like to see in that plan? >> one of the main things we want is to stop the surge. it's an overwhelming amount of
6:25 am
people that are coming across the border, the rio grande river, into our country. if they are kept somewhere temporarily and then released into our community that poses a problem. it's a health risk and a danger to everyone else. sometimes we get calls where these migrants are walking through people's backyards and they are concerned. sometimes they tell us they are hiding in their sheds and we have to go out there as police officers and enforce these laws. they are trespassing on private property is. >> dana: sergeant thank you so much. we will stay there with you. >> bill: it more on the crisis with texas. >> there's a manhunt underway after a woman at her dog are both found murder at a famous park. why this case shocks even the investigators. plus >> nancy pelosi dishing out some harsh words for republicans
6:26 am
who don't want to wear masks in congress. the mandate prompting our next guest to sue the speaker. congressman thomas massie is here to tell us about it. >> it's absolutely absurd what these people are doing. it's absurd and it's a mockery and the american people are fed up. we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory. >> bill: attentions flaring on the hill as nancy pelosi reintroduces the mask mandate for all representatives within the house chamber. that moves goes up to science leading to a war of words between the two lawmakers. us into this one now. >> leader mccarthy. this -- the speaker of the house. is of the people who are fully vaccinated but don't support wearing a mask or. madame speaker, you don't know
6:32 am
the facts of the science. >> bill: kentucky republican tomas he voiced his own opposition to the mandate and he joins us now. thank you for being here today, you are now suing speaker pelosi. she makes the rules and you go ahead and make your case. what is it? >> before i get into the details of our case let me tell you what the fights about. they are going to do this to our kids and our soldiers and she's taking it directly out of our salary. we believe the courts are going to take this case up because of the way she's collecting the fine. >> bill: the 27th amendment forbids like, now that she has
6:33 am
reinitiated the mask mandate, will you now back down and wear one? >> i'm not backing down. i'm not wearing one if she wants to find at me one again, i've got people asking if they can join the lawsuit now. >> bill: she would probably call you a, that's kind of what she said yesterday. >> you know what, a year ago she called me a dangerous nuisance on national television and i took it as a compliment. if she had called me a nuisance i would be offended but she reinstituted this mask mandate the day after we filed the case in federal court. we will take it all the way to the supreme court if we have to, she's a tyrant and a hypocrite. >> bill: wow. a tyrant. listen to the clips going back
6:34 am
to december of last year, a very specific question about how this has evolved. watch. >> is a covid of vaccine mandatory? >> no, i don't take it should be mandatory. >> that will be locally driven and not federally driven. >> would you be for mandating ever a vaccine for covid-19? >> we have to make decisions based on data but we don't have that they do right now. when we do we can't address the decision. >> bill: what they would argue, and i know you know this, is the virus changes and the facts change and we have to change with it. >> the fact that has never changed is cloth masks don't work. the cayenne 95 may help you but pretty much everything else is porous and it's like trying to stop mosquitoes from an open door. facts change, yes.
6:35 am
the vaccine mandates, that's what pelosi wants to do and not house and i think vaccine mandates are wrong. i'm not anti-vaccine, i'm vaccine choice but i have a bill that would prevent us from having this novel vaccine forced on them. >> bill: thank you for your time. we will see how your suit does in court. thomas massie, the republican from kentucky. >> attacking fellow democrat kyrsten sinema over her approval to support the left $3.5 trillion spending plan. good luck at taking your own party's investment on child care, climate action and infrastructure while presuming you will survive a three vote health margin.
6:36 am
and calling out a bipartisan agreement. and democrats need 50% for it to pass. she is like the honey badger, she doesn't care about what these women say. she's not running in the aoc district where you get a democrat elected. >> bill: it's it's on the infrastructure deal, going to go back and forth as it passes on the senate. who knows how they go at this thing in the house and what form it takes one it rebounds back to the senate.
6:37 am
they wanted to do a test run yesterday but they did get 17 republicans to vote with them. >> dana: and the republicans were in their covid relief fund may not have been spent yet in terms of the infrastructure deal. but at least getting them to that point was good. >> bill: we will see where it goes. from the funds rebuild, seattle's merit just one leader calling for change. are the democratic mayor is waking up to the idea that they need police? we will talk to the president of the seattle police killed in one moment, and the multiple shark sightings and we will give you a live report. after all, it is summertime.
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>> dana: top jazz if you remember that, summer of love. she was praising the lawlessness and the city's infamous joan don't like called chopped jazz. violent crime is rocking the city force in the marriage change her tune on defending the police. >> not unexpected, losing these
6:44 am
numbers of officers went city leaders talk about cutting the department by 50%, you will lose employees. >> dana: seattle isn't alone, other cities like d.c. are reversing their stance on defending the police's crime rises. we have some statistics here. 270 officers have left and i think it's almost impossible to quantify that type of experience that you lose when you have veteran officers retiring in those numbers. >> good morning dana. thanks for having me on. your statistics are spot on but the reality is the stats and data by those stats don't lie. the public political discourse in the city of seattle, that influences our political leaders to act in a manner such as defunding us as far as virtue signaling by 50%, they continue to push the narrative to pull
6:45 am
more, and it's not just specific to seattle. that type of defund that nonsensical narrative has spread across the country, and what we need right now was political leadership and courage in this next selection by somebody that has been moderate. that's from the activists what mob that currently runs the city. >> dana: it's unbelievable the twitter mob can have that much control. shootings and shots fired in 2021 and 2022. that was only up 41% so the shootings are terrible. the victims are the ones that really suffered but what about other crimes? is that going up as well because that can really be demoralizing
6:46 am
for a community as well. >> absolutely. at the property crime rate is astronomical. and i guess that's the fall of that but the problem is, right in our city attorney's office. varsity attorney has been an absolute disaster. he's currently running for reelection and he is it running for two candidates. one, he's even further left than she is. and wants criminal justice reform. the other is a moderate candidate and a statistical time. i hope to reasonable citizens of seattle wake up and get involved and rescue the city from the utter travesty that is currently in the office. >> we saw eric adams and he's not backing down.
6:47 am
even medium-sized cities, and have you ever thought of running yourself? >> actually we had a tweet not too long ago for the grassroots effort, got a little bit of traction and obviously pushed back from the activist mob in seattle. but here's the issue, as you know. seattle's politics controlled by the activist class, they have now impacted the state capital of olympia and the police reform bills have not branched across the entire state. every police officer in the jurisdictions in the state of washington know how to deal with seattle's activist class calling for more reform. mind you, a year ago this current mayor and the sitting president of the city council who is now a current mayoral candidate said that this police agency was the model police agency reform.
6:48 am
now they walk all that back and pivoted, the absolute lack of leadership is stunning and i hope people wake up and vote moderate people back into office to save seattle and resurrect a blick safety. >> dana: thanks for being here, we will pay attention to it. >> bill: getting ready for the possibility of a big return to big government, democratic senators chuck schumer and bernie sanders looking to pass a trillion dollars spending bill without any republican support. can they do it? but will americans go for it? reaction from karl rove coming up. plus heartbreak from team usa. by the pole vault who melted hearts during the last 11 for respecting the national anthem will not get a chance to go for a metal this time. abby hornacek explains why and we will talk to abby coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> bill: major news, a manhunt underway for a killer. police say a woman stabbed to death walking her dog at 1:00 a.m. and her dog was also killed. steve harrigan is on this story in atlanta. it's right there in midtown atlanta, what happened? >> piedmont park, very popular with joggers and dog walkers. right now, even atlanta homicide detectives are calling this a particularly gruesome murder. catherine janice, 40 years old to come was walking her dog after dinner. she is a bartender in a local restaurant here. when she failed to return her wife tracked her phone down in the park and came across the body of both janice and her dog. both were stabbed brutally to death, and there's a $10,000
6:55 am
reward offered for information leading to an arrest. when we talk to neighbors here they say they are stunned by the brutality of the attack. >> it hits home a hard act to me because we have two dogs and we live here about 50 feet away from where the murder occurred. it's astonishing that something could happen like that so close to home. and how much it can really affect you emotionally. >> the city before the murder was on edge due to a rise in crime, 82 homicide so far in atlanta just this year and that's up 60% from one year ago and it last year, already a record year for murder in atlanta. the highest rate in two decades. >> bill: i think you steve. >> the thrills on american victory still alive and well in tokyo just a short time ago, gymnast sunni lee winning the gold medal in the women's all
6:56 am
around. it just comes just days after simone biles dropped out of that position. she was on hand to cheer her teammate on. the outpouring of love and support i've received has made me realize i'm more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which i never truly believed before. abby hornacek is a fox nation host and yesterday, and that's a huge compensation early on when smoke made this incredibly difficult decision. and sunni lee stepped up and became that person. and just a quick comment about simone biles, she talks about athletes having the ability to be role models.
6:57 am
and that's the finals and all six possible, and also can be an inspiration with her work ethic and courage. at the end of the day, your accomplishments and your accolades are just footnotes at the bottom of your list of character traits. speed when we were looking at the medal count, number one by a long shot but i think there is still -- >> i heard dana is getting pulled in as a sub. >> for what, pole vaulting? it that will be something. that will really be something to see. it won't be tennis, i'll tell you that. >> i love the own picks but i'm not watching. i don't have anticipation for the events because i want to see them in their entirety. >> i watched diving last night and i thought it was very good.
6:58 am
>> i would say, we are as sink as a team. i wanted to see the pieces about fox nation, i love our national parks but people can't travel overseas and were dying to get out of their houses, what's happening at the national parks? it is a cry for help from superintendents? >> we are seeing record numbers at national parks. if you look at zion, we seen an increase of 1.5 million visitors and the great smoky mountains are 2020 with 12 million. and a couple of things about this. initial reaction is great, more visitors means more people are paying the entrance fees which means more money for a national parks but in the case of great
6:59 am
smoky mountains, not too long of a story to tell but they don't charge an entrance fee. because that's something that happened as they established a national park. we have visitors who also are respectful, and they step on it and it dies but the good news is, we always end on good news. his fate of first and then you say the body. we are in together here. in 2019 alone, that resulted in the 41 and the more people that visit these national parks and the more the local economies, and also people are afraid of of this trying to continue.
7:00 am
>> i think we should go to a lottery system for some of the parks. but it really wasn't this way. i would love to work with you if you are the director of the national park service, can we just make this deal right now that we will be partners? >> thanks guys, great to be with you. >> the biden administration is rolling out a strategy to tackle the border crisis and president mike vice president harris releasing up plan to avoid root causes. and not to expect immediate results. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," and dana perino. >> bill: a brand-new hour in tanzania it is. the southern border hit a 10-year high in june and new concerns about covert positive
7:01 am
migrants being released into the country. senator tom cotton said the border crisis keeps getting worse every school month. >> they will not leave this country under joe biden's watch. they will just disappear. and even if they disappear joe biden won't deport these illegal aliens. >> that's a vice president vice president stripped down the northern triangle and the strategy is broken down into five pillars ranging from economic and security to combating corruption and violence and they came into
7:02 am
office on generate 20 family really inherited a broken and dysfunctional system. a terrifying covert alert and though he had texas prompted governor abbott to issue an executive order banning anyone other than federal state and local law enforcement officials from transporting migrants to try to stop the spread of covid. >> the biden administration cares more about people who are not residents of america. he has some that are trying to mask up and vaccinate fellow americans by allowing fair pass with a high probability of covid and then spreading that covid up in our communities. >> it comes as to federal whistle-blowers at fort bliss where hhs houses migrant children followed with four congressional committees that hhs officials instructed them to
7:03 am
downplay a covert outbreak at the facility. fox news has reached out for comment but has not heard back. finally at some point this afternoon that fox news has confirmed that even congressman jerry nadler to discuss a pathway to citizenship for daca recipients. >> dana: we will have more on this and concerns along the border when texas lieutenant governor dan patrick joins us in just a few minutes. you never want to mess thought. we want to stay tuned on that. at president biden expected to outline the next steps in the vaccination effort that later today comes as local governments, some corporations and even some universities are enforcing these mandatory vaccinations. david lee miller is following on all of it and there's a lot to follow. >> new york governor andrew cuomo was calling for all 130,000 state workers to be vaccinated by
7:04 am
labor day. the reaction is mixed. the governor said state employees can either get vaccinated or submit to weekly covid testing. frontline health care workers at hospitals owned by new york state cannot opt out and take the testing alternative. they must be fully vaccinated to stay on the job. the largest union of new york state workers, the civil services organization support the governor's mandate and says that "new york has come a long way in overcoming covid-19 together and we cannot slide backwards. we can put our members, workers, families and children and all of us at greater risk. the union representing white-collar state workers is more critical of the plan and says while the union encourages vaccinations the mandate must be part of a bargaining agreement. >> i think it's an individual choice. i have the vaccine, i was
7:05 am
vaccinated but i do believe it was a personal choice of someone wants a vaccine or not. they can make up their own mind. >> and some state workers are taking action on their own and a buffalo area law firm says they have received calls from several employees and they have been drafting a lawsuit in anticipation of the governor's order and they expect to file it next week. each of the governor said to come and i quote, we have been here every day for every action during the pandemic. be smart, get vaccinated dated and we can put this all behind us. >> bill: and nice to see lee miller. >> dana: the cdc is updating its guidance for k-12 schools calling for universal masking. it shows kids who switch to remote learning last year are now several months behind in reading and math. the president of the america's
7:06 am
largest teachers union is defending the cbcs move. >> vaccination is the number one gold standard that we needed to bring back en masse for schools. so the bottom line is, we are going to keep kids safe. we are going to keep our members safe and we will try to open up schools. >> kathleen porter mickey, maybe start with you. can you help us understand if this guidance, the new guidance from the cdc is necessary unmasking and has anything changed when it comes to children in transmission? >> it hasn't and we have no studies at all to support the masked guidance. i would love to see the data, we are supposed to be following the science but dr. one ski cited some cases of transmission among vaccinated people was not one, or 1,000, out of $50 trillion we
7:07 am
had zero studies that were funded to look at mass in schools. yet with put restrictions on 50 million kids now for a year and a half. >> dana: the cost of schools shutdowns, a mckinsey study showing that severe student learning loss and then goes on to say that the mckinsey study doesn't say it but teachers unions were the main architects of this calamity by first refusing to return to the classroom and then insisting on watered-down schedules. two things. school starts in the south next week. she sang they will try to reopen schools and it's very difficult to read faces, learn and pay attention for that long if you are wearing a mask. your thoughts on all that? >> from a school leadership perspective the guidance from the federal government has been consistently confusing. this latest guidance is no exception and i think the fact that it is now calling into
7:08 am
question whether schools will reopen or whether they will reopen as normal for a third year in a row is just devastating for children. the research as he said is beginning to pour in showing that children have been seriously affected by the school shutdown and for school leaders who want to return to normal, not because we want to wish away the pandemic but because we know, two things. one, we know that children are not at serious risk for severe covid and two, we know the are at risk of serious consequences from academic growth. we continue to receive confusing guidance and the mitigation recommendation does not depend on community transmission, it does not depend on vaccination status and frankly it does not depend on age. even if you take at face value let's assume for a moment that children did face severe risk from covid.
7:09 am
why would they faced the same recommendation guidance for children in preschool? >> dr. scott gottlieb was on cnbc this morning and one of the things he said was he believes the delta covid surge which will be behind us in two or three weeks, and the u.k. and what would happen here, that seems to make sense. and i'm trying to be kind but it's out of their depth which is a weird thing to say about the cdc. >> i think that gottlieb is correct. and that's the population community, we are seeing signs of this turning over in the four
7:10 am
states already, sing finds that the delta wave is starting to turn. , what are you hearing for parents? >> our partnership schools and those are open for in-person instruction here compared to only 34% of charters. we would like to see 92% and everybody is coming back in september, but now we are going to wait until october until
7:11 am
these decisions are being made with long-term consequences but possibly they don't need to b. >> bill: you mentioned london and u.k. this came out, this delta variant, going back to july 4th, going for six consecutive days. britain has been watched very closely because they lifted restrictions in on the 19th of july. it may be our future as well. and that's good news. >> whenever you leave your bosses office, have good news in your back pocket to use. plus seattle's mayor reversing course thing more police are needed after welcoming last year's so-called summer of love. you remember that?
7:12 am
that was actually marked by riots. >> bill: also growing concerns of migrants infected with covid coming to you not know mike u.s. dan patrick as our guest on that next in his home state and his message for the white house coming up. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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>> dana: california police arrest the suspect in connection with the shooting of two teenagers at a california movie theater. police don't have them motive at this time but say the victims were found by crews cleaned the theater after a monday night showing of the four of her purge. one of the victims is popular tick-tock star anthony barajas. 18-year-old riley goodrich was killed.
7:18 am
>> what the biden administration is doing is deadly, dangerous and must be stopped and that's what my executive order that i issued today try to achieve. >> bill: governor greg abbott discussing the transport. good morning and welcome back to our program. it seems like it's hard to enforce. how are you going to do it? >> well, bill, desperate times mean that we in texas have to pull out all the stops and do everything we can to stop the flow of may be 2 million people that we apprehended this year on the border and that means might be another two or three or four are apprehending those people. so our state troopers will turn them around if they believe there are immigrants on the bus here illegally and hopefully we can stop the flow of covid coming into the country.
7:19 am
and bill, i have to say this if you will allow me because fathers and mothers who are in law enforcement and the young men and women follow them come tomorrow morning, zachary sanchez will graduate as a dps trooper. his father was killed two years ago in mcallen when he was shot down. so when i talk about troopers turning buses around or troopers on the border defending america or defining texas, these are real stories and realize that are impacted and i'm so proud of this young man following in his dad's footsteps. our troopers are on the front line following the national guard and this white house is allowing a country not only to be invaded with many criminals crossing the border, ms-13 potential or current gang members, but now they are letting a flow of people infected with covid while they are telling students in the first and second grade that they have to wear a mask, and this is what i say to the white house. why not you do something and stop the flow of illegal
7:20 am
immigrants coming across this country with covid. when it you do that? is a president that yesterday apparently made of a story about driving 18-wheelers and if he makes up stories about driving 18-wheelers, what is this president -- on the border. >> bill: i hear your passion. there's no testing in the border? did that change or is it very minimal? >> we had the stories and we are being overwhelmed. even if they test positive is nothing they knew about it. they are transporting these illegal immigrants with covid to a hotel, there's no restrictions of the hotel and a number of illegal immigrants left the hotel and went to whataburger, and it affected everyone at whataburger. and that's why the governor is saying we will take our troopers and attorneys buses around or --
7:21 am
they are letting them go into every city, every texas city. so tell me, and a common sense in this white house that demands that vaccinated americans wear a mask and students in school and they have 2 million people crossing the border, many of them with covid and doing nothing about it. this is insanity. total insanity. our country is being invaded by. we want to stop the surge, this is an overwhelming amount of people that are coming across the border, the rio grande of border if they are kept somewhere temporarily and it's a health risk and a danger to everyone else.
7:22 am
right now you can't fly into jfk in new york city. but you could go to mexico city and make your way across the border and walk into the united states, of common. >> yes. and here's the other part of this. we restrict people crossing the entry point into america, and this is a buzz our world live in. any of you watching in this country, if we were to ever believe we have the president of the united states allowing infected people with disease to come into our country and do nothing about it and let millions of illegal immigrants flow into this country, again unchecked, could be criminals, could be going into sex trafficking. having no idea where they go, or as a reality. i always ask this question. what are those people actually do when they get past the border check? where does that 15-year-old kid
7:23 am
go, does he go to school or join a gang or a life of crime? where did those people actually go in the community and what happens to them? nobody actually follows their trail of what happens to these people. this is inhumane to them, it's a disgrace to the country that he is allowing us to be invaded and this administration and the marxist street media, says nothing about it. we know very little of what's going on. >> bill: dan patrick, thank you for your time. >> dana: heard him loud and clear. a massive cleanup operation did nothing to stop the problem and now residents are fed up. plus senators chuck schumer and bernie sanders eyeing a party line vote. why karl rove is calling it a call to arms for the republicans. next.
7:24 am
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for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. >> bill: homelessness in america is at a breaking point. multiple efforts by city leaders to clean up the iconic boardwalk in venice beach have failed. the people who live there have had enough. it's become just about two months ago this very place was littered with trash and attendants everywhere. people living in those tents, they and those very tense and the people that live in them are back. >> right now is the best the beach has ever booked in about a year and what's really sad is it's temporary. >> how has this impacted were
7:30 am
businesses and the surrounding businesses? >> our business has been virtually destroyed. >> >> when the government's takes care of you this is what your life becomes. >> >> i want the bad people to find a place to go. all of this has to go. >> this is where kids go to play and it's been taken away from them. >> is it safe for them to play right now? >> would you let your kids play here? there's needles in the sand and weapons found in the sand. >> the sheriff was going to clear the beach by july 4th and it looked like he was going to do it, too. >> after the sheriff came we had our city council and come in and he wasn't happy about us having a sheriff here so when he came in he got a $5 million -- basically five main dollars to do what you have seen. that's $5 million that has translated over to businesses coming back we need
7:31 am
"law & order," the one person that has stepped in when all other elected officials have failed us is sheriff bill and a wave. >> we want to see all the shops full and that is preventing it right there. >> if i had the resources of the city of l.a., we would have this entire thing cleaned up in about 90 days. >> what is preventing law-enforcement crop from coming out there, and enforcing the current laws that are on the books. for this chunk of city right here it is two things. it's called the mayor eric garcetti, and the district attorney is not going to for us anything no matter what. >> when you talk up about it first hand makes a big difference. >> dana: it when i heard that from him on fox and friends, how is it compassionate to allow people to live that way? i understand there's a desire for choice and but not only is
7:32 am
it hurting the whole community but hurting those very people. that woman said it would you? you can find a needles in the sand. it's now better than it's been, and if i were a business owner i would be ticked off, too. >> and it's better than circling the drain, as she said. democratic senators chuck schumer and bernie sanders hoping to pass the three and half trillion dollar spending plan on a straight party line vote. my next guest says republicans have to stop it, and $3.5 trillion, what say you? >> that's what they claim, $3.5 trillion is the american jobs plan and it reality the cost is between 5,000,000,000,005 and half
7:33 am
trillion. they have in the proposal a bunch of gimmicks in that program will only last a year and this will only last five, this is only going to last eight. they have $100 billion to the tax credit, the democrats have already said we have this for covid and we want to renew it for next year so you work the numbers out on that if you renew it for ten years, for the rest of the budget window. it's another $900 billion on top of it. so this is a $5.5 trillion expansion of the social welfare benefits with no work requirements and all kinds of goofy new programs in it. it's a branch of government like we've never seen. >> dana: but there is a bipartisan agreement so far, we will see how far it goes. do you see that a separate and apart from this or as some people are saying, republicans
7:34 am
should not support either, because the democrats just want to do the other piece on reconciliation? >> first of all i'm in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. it's a total price tag of about 1 trillion, and 700 billion of that is the regular highway bill that we have to reauthorize i think every seven years or maybe five years. so i'm in favor of that and i think it strengthens a republican case to say, we are in favor of something that's paid for that doesn't add to the deficit and its real infrastructure. we are in favor of that, and none of them with the work requirement, with all kinds of money and gimmicks that mean we will add to the deficit enormously and built a baseline of federal government permanently. the one bernard goldberg wrote this, our friend here. next victims of rising crime,
7:35 am
democrats in the 2022 midterms. maybe it's the crime, maybe it's the border, take your guests. is there an opportunity that you see here. >> i think politically, and and i think we need to get tougher on the border. otherwise they will get swept up in a general sense of the american people -- pure prosecutors, fewer police on a weaker line along the border.
7:36 am
>> dana: the republicans could win as big as they did back in 1994, is that even possible given the way the districts are drawn today? >> i love senator graham's optimism but i don't necessarily see that that's going to happen, 94 was an extraordinary year but that did could be here. we won't know for six or nine months if they are there but the republicans have got to make the case against the american jobs plan and have a concrete agenda going into the election next year. here's what we want to do for the future of our country, and at the first attack of the democrats is easy, the second detailing the positive agenda is difficult and that's one of the reasons why i'm in favor of the
7:37 am
bipartisan infrastructure bill. republicans can say we wanted to put more money into things that you and we understand our true infrastructure. >> karl, i'm going to squeeze this in. this is from your piece, call for number one. i think it's substantial. this massive spending bill has huge implications for the national debt on the economy's future. the agp expanse of money new benefits. if republicans get this across to voters they will add to the g.o.p. gains in the 2022 midterms. when you look back at the american rescue plan of late march, 1.9 trillion, is it now evident that this is in a large slush fund for spending and cities and counties and states across the country? >> we are dealing with it here in texas, and the government
7:38 am
wisely said that we are not going to spend that money on things that add to the baseline of the budget. we are not taking $16 billion what are the one-time investments that we can make an infrastructure and facilities that will allow us to take care of needs, but not add to the baseline of the budget. that's hard to do, but let's increase the size of our state budget, and our city budget and as a result that will have ramifications for the next decade and beyond. >> if you go deep in this, paying off tuition, it's very extraordinary. we will get back on that. we are well out of time but thank you for your us today. the murder of a 6-year-old girl in a drive-by shooting in washington, d.c., and wait until
7:39 am
you hear his rap sheet. speaking so much for the funding, the progressive hotbed beefing up the ranks. talking about the change of heart coming up shortly. >> we have called on the council to make sure they fully funded the needs of the metropolitan police department. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history
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>> bill: here's breaking news, fox news obtaining a memo from capitol police suggesting that if you do not follow the mask mandate on the hill you could be arrested. the memo is saying that visitors and staff not wearing mask will be denied entry into the capitol complex and asked to leave and could be arrested if they do not comply. that memo assigned by the new chief of the police force, several lawmakers have been fine for refusing the mask wearing mandate on the floor of the house. we talked to one of them just last hour, and i asked whether he was going to back down and he said no, i'm not going to back down. >> dana: and that's his quote. >> bill: that's what he said. nancy pelosi is in charge of capitol police of this is the memo we just got our hands on. >> dana: also the police chief of washington saying they've got their man. i suspect arrested in the killing of a six or old girl in
7:45 am
a drive-by shooting. as crime sores in the nation's capital the mayor says she's planning on hiring more officers. david spunt at the justice department, waiting to see if they could find a suspect in this case and apparently they have. >> yes they say they have. they put $11 million into hiring more police officers in this case hit home for so many in washington, d.c., and around the country. little nayak courtney was just six years old when she was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting on july 16th. she was writing her scooter when she and five others were sought include both her parents and they survived. >> has to before you just over a week ago, and said, we would get justice for a 6-year-old nayak courtney. the praise of the community have been answered. >> at 22-year-old mark tuan hargraves is responsible for her death and he was picked up inside a d.c. apartment and was armed at the time of his arrest.
7:46 am
we pulled his rap sheet and found an armed carjacking charge on his record from june 2020 including armed carjacking and unlawful taking. i spoke to his attorney from that case in maryland and he said he was not indicted due to lack of evidence and he was charged with just leaving a gun in the vehicle and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. the little girl's father was the target, he has ties to drug dealers and she was just on the wrong place at the wrong time. police were on scene and within minutes but the head of the police units had more detectives and street police are needed. >> this is a systemic problem in the criminal justice system. they are based on the reliabilities created by the respective city councils. >> his respective as it makes more difficult to apprehend question suspects.
7:47 am
leo terrel, nice to see you. they've got religion and is that any surprise to you? >> no, bill. this is an admission of failure. the democratic cities have raised the right flag, and they are now conceding because of 2022. >> she is a supporter of blm. blm two weeks ago shut out the tweet supporting the cuba communist government, try to make sense of that. but also in seattle, dana talked
7:48 am
with the seattle police headed. >> we have four blocks in seattle that you just saw pictures of which is more like a block party atmosphere. we could have a summer of love. >> seattle saw one of the worst late night/early morning violence in recent memory. mothers lost their children, families lost their fathers, and people lost their friends. >> bill: if that was a seattle mirror and here's the president of the police killed that i mentioned. >> the reality is we've lost a third of our police force. and just like you described a crime to spike income we have a 100% increase in drive-by shootings but it's not just specific to seattle. that type of the fund at nonsensical narrative has spread across the country. >> bill: what about that, more cities to come? >> much more cities to come. i want to make sure we destroy this myth. at black lives matter does not represent black americans. black americans and people of
7:49 am
color want law enforcement. i can't say it any clearer than that. black lives matter is a fringe organization that basically controls the french part of the democratic party, and that's why you have this. there is not one city in this country where the funding the police works, it's a failure. >> washington and seattle, we'll see what's next. thanks for coming on today. chuck carley shimkus has a reaction both sides. plus shark sightings have hiked lifeguards on high alert and will tell you about one man who had a very close call with one of those predators. ♪ ♪
7:50 am
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>> bill: of multiple shark sightings prompting officials to temporarily shut the beaches down on long island, new york. bryan llenas is a brave man, where are you brian and what do you see there in the water? >> bill and it dana, good morning. we are at point outlook at lido beach here in long island where we are looking for sharks and that's because there has been about a dozen sightings this week. in fact at jones beach which is about 3 miles away from here this morning shut down and closed because of the citing of three sizable sharks. in fact there was a lifeguard on monday on jones beach says he was on his paddle paddleboard and was nipped by what we believe was a juvenile bull shark. we are here with mike romano who is the chief lifeguard here in the town of hempstead. this is the town of hempstead shark patrol.
7:56 am
what exactly are you looking for out here on the water? >> we are looking for warning signs of any shark activity in the area, could be schools of fish or birds diving in the water, it could be shark fins that break the surface or people who tell us they see something and we are going to go out and investigate the area. >> the types of sharks we are seeing are black tip to reef sharks and bull sharks which are pretty rare. >> pretty rare for this area, yes. the water has warmed up quickly and it's a lot clearer than it used to be, conservative efforts and environmentalism. now the feeder fish are coming here and attracting other fish species who are in return attracting larger sharks that generally haven't been here in the past. >> we will continue our water patrol, but so far nothing yet. >> dana: tough as diamonds, really tough out there today. olympic superstar simone biles
7:57 am
thanking her supporters after pulling out of this week's olympic event. she tweets at the outpouring of love and support i received has made me realize i am more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which i never truly believed before. carley shimkus joins us now. >> the situation is a bummer, she trained five years for the moment and it didn't work out the way she wanted it to work out but the reaction has been very polarized. it's getting a little political will, too. you have once say i'd saying sports needs to change, altogether we need to focus on mental health and the other side is calling the mental health peoplesoft. i think everyone is overreacting and missing the point, this is something that shannon miller said to you yesterday where simone biles said that she come up because of the stress that she was experiencing was losing her spatial awareness in the air. it is actually a gymnastics term for it, it's called getting the twisties. that's what gymnasts call it. it's sort of like a vertical type situation and it can be very dangerous. i think if she wasn't experiencing that she wouldn't
7:58 am
have pulled out. >> dana: ben shapiro tweeted this, he said simone biles isn't a villain for pulling out of the olympics, she is into heroin for pulling out of the olympics. we live in a society where we can't just let people be people. >> and i think it's also important to remember that nobody wanted her to win the gold more than her. a former gymnast to post something on social media, i thought she brought up a lot of great points. she talked about how she was a victim of larry master's and she also said, and i didn't know this, simone biles won the world all around championships while passing a kidney stone. the stuff that she has added to her routines is so impressive and they don't even know how to rank her. that's good news for the american gymnasts.
7:59 am
sonny lee. and sunni lee. >> the gold is a all-around, she's 18 years old, from minnesota and very quickly, the way she reacted to any gold. i almost had to reglue my fake eyelashes on because i was crying so hard. she said this is not for me, this is for my data, my coach and my mom. that, my friends is what the olympics is all about. >> and a simone biles was there to cheer him on as well. >> i kind of agree with you. i'm such a big fan of the olympics, it's hard to find a pattern. it's like what do i look out for and what do i watch? >> i think it's a time difference, 13 hours ahead and it's just a weird olympics, no fans in the stands although i don't think i would wouldn't watch because of that.
8:00 am
>> dana: you are watching golf. >> bill: i was watching golf on the golf channel. >> thank you. i'm so excited, a 100 years ago they brought it back in rio. so we got our boys, we need to bring home the gold. >> yes, and i didn't know that either. >> i am julie banderas in for harris today. fox news alert, a massive surge of covid cases at our southern border as americans face new restrictions and now the biden administration accused of covering up a covid outbreak at a child migrant facility in texas. this is "the faulkner focus." utter chaos as a "new york post" op-ed warning that migrants are just getting worse by the day. some border agents are so
8:01 am
overwhelmed that they are simply unable to


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